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Master of Information Management Capstone Projects

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The Masters of Information Management students in Maryland’s iSchool complete a Capstone Project in their last year of the program. The projects allow students to work through real information management challenges, providing them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities, synthesize their knowledge, and further develop their ability to communicate as information management professionals.

In the fall semester, the student works with the client to develop a project proposal, including a full project definition and scope. During this semester the student will conduct requirements gathering sessions to help shape the project. Once the client agrees upon the requirements, the student will then create a full project plan that will be followed in the spring semester.

During the spring semester, students work independently for 10-hours each week to complete the projects. Throughout this phase of the projects, students are expected to schedule a 1 hour weekly virtual or in-person meeting with their clients. These meetings allow both the student and the clients to evaluate the progress and direction of the projects.

At the end of the spring semester, the students’ projects are showcased at the Experiential Learning Expo, where the students present a poster representing the projects. Current and potential clients are encouraged to attend the Expo, allowing an opportunity for the clients to meet the students and faculty at the iSchool, and view current student projects.

Capstone Project Examples

The Capstone Projects are often exploratory or analytical, but they can also be technically oriented, or a combination of theory and practice. The students bring past experiences and a willingness to learn as they complete competitive analysis, recommendations, prototypes, or functional systems.

These examples are just a small representation of the wide variety of capstone projects completed by the MIM students. You can also view posters from previous semesters.

Example 1: ORCiD Integration Registration Script

International Food Policy Research Institute

Founded in 1975, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is a member of the CGIAR Consortium, a global research partnership for a food secure future. The IFPRI seeks sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty.

Capstone Project Description

IFPRI aims to efficiently track authors and integrate with internal systems, such as financial or project management, easily allowing the posting of profiles on designated websites. There is also a need to disambiguate names of authors and organizations in order to better attribute publications and citations. ORCiD is a system utilized by IFPRI that provides unique identifiers for authors that can help achieve this goal. The student will be responsible for developing a script to interface with the ORCiD API to register researchers, and create a table with the researcher’s assigned ORCiD ID corresponding to the name of the researcher.

Required Skills

  • Understanding of API REST calls and XML
  • Proficient in a programming Language, such as Perl, or Python
  • Knowledge of modules to manipulate csv files and parsing XML messages


  • An executable script
  • A table containing the researcher details and the newly assigned ORCiD

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Example 2: Information Architecture

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The Research and Exploratory Development Department (REDD) is the research department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. This department conducts research in cutting edge science and technologies including materials science, physics, biological sciences, neuroscience, information sciences, robotics and autonomous systems electronics, microelectronics, and mechanical systems.

Capstone Project Description

A comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of REDD’s information assets and repositories is needed to identify gaps and redundancies in the organization’s information process flows. The main goal of this project is to develop a current analysis of REDD’s information architecture and provide specific recommendations on how best to leverage the technology available to meet the information and knowledge discovery needs of REDD staff.

Skills Needed

  • Knowledge of information architecture
  • Experience with usability studies and qualitative data analysis

Project Deliverables

  • Data structure findings and recommendations
  • Presentation to REDD Communications Committee

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Example 3: Interactive Dashboard

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) Shannon and Michael Priddy Library

The Shannon and Michael Priddy Library is the main library located at of The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) in Montgomery County, Maryland. USG encompasses nine universities from the University System of Maryland. The Priddy Library primarily supports the information needs of USG students, faculty, and staff, providing services such as book distribution, computer and equipment access, and reservations for group study rooms, just to name a few. In addition, Montgomery County Public Schools employees, community members are also supported by offering materials, space, and helpful staff assistance take advantage of the information and facilities at The Priddy Library.

Capstone Project Description

The Priddy Library stores library related data in various databases and Microsoft Excel files. At the end of every fiscal year all of the data is analyzed and processed, which is then transformed into simple Microsoft Excel graphs for easy interpretation. However this manual process is very labor intensive. The student will develop new methods of generating these reports and interactive graphs.

Skills Needed

  • Strong understanding of Web technologies
  • JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML
  • Bootstrap frame work
  • d3.js, dc.js or crossfilter.js

Project Deliverables

  • Web application dashboard of the library data
  • Various visualization techniques 

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Example 4: Drupal Forms Management

S.A.N. Business Consultants

S.A.N. Business Consultants is a woman-owned small disadvantaged business certified as 8(a) and 8(m) by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) and State of Maryland Certified MBE/DBE/SBE by Maryland’s Office of Minority Business Enterprises.  The company has successfully delivered full service management and technical solutions to a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance companies, and government agencies. Radiology Protocol Tool and Recorder (RAPTOR) is a project with the US Department of Veteran Affairs that is a decision support and workflow tool geared towards radiology to ensure safety, quality, efficiency and compliance through tailored clinical workflow. RAPTOR is an open-source web application, is modular, and has open standards-based platform. This web tool works on Drupal CMS, and uses open source tools such as PHPMyAdmin and D3, and works with OpenVistA and web services.

Capstone Project Description

In addition to automating the clinical workflow, RAPTOR records all the activities to improve efficiencies between different user roles.  Currently there are two reports that have not been created within the RAPTOR system. The student will work with SAN Business Consultants to develop The User Activity Analysis Report, which will assist clinical management in understanding individual resource strengths and opportunities. This report will answer management questions such as “Which resident needs additional training or is ready for additional responsibilities?” and, “Which radiologist is most or least efficient and why?” The student will also develop the Department Activity Report, which will display the activity in the system at the department level. This report will answer management questions such as “How does this department compare to other departments?” and, “Where are the efficiency bottlenecks in this department?” In addition, the student will analyze the performance bottlenecks metrics in order improve the RAPTOR runtime performance. The student will also refine the website to give the website a better look and feel.

Skills Needed

  • JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, PHP
  • Drupal SQL and forms


  • User Activity Analysis Report
  • Department Activity Report
  • Performance bottlenecks metrics
  • Improved website 

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Example 5: Correlation Analysis on different indicators of World Bank Data

World Bank

The World Bank is a financial institution that provides loans to developing countries. Founded in 1945, after the ratification of the Bretton Woods agreements, the bank is an international organization owned by member governments and is based in Washington D.C. The official goal of the World Bank is the reduction of poverty and economic development.

Capstone Project Description

There is a need to examine the member countries’ right to information commitments, as tracked by Open Government Partnership (OGP), an organization promoting multilateral initiatives and commitments to promote transparency and make governments open and accountable. The student will explore the member countries’ OGP commitments focusing on right to information by qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing data captured from participating member countries, including excerpts taken from interviews conducted.

Skills Needed

  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Tableau


  • Exploratory findings
  • Interview coding results
  • Visualizations of data 

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Example 6: Communication Strategy

The Universities at Shady Grove

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is a University System of Maryland regional higher education center offering upper level undergraduate and graduate education in Montgomery County, Maryland, encompassing nine universities from the University System of Maryland

Capstone Project Description

USG is interested in developing a more integrated social media strategy to better communicate and engage their education, business, government, and community stakeholders. To better understand how USG can maximize their social media presence the student will examine how other higher education consortiums and partnership organizations are using social media networks, as well as researching best practices from secondary sources. Based on this analysis, the student will develop an integrated social media strategy and a web prototype, demonstrating how the strategy should be executed.

Skills Needed

  • Knowledge of Social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Experience with user interface development
  • Web and prototyping development skills


  • Descriptive document providing social media practices of partnership organizations
  • Strategy report and implementation recommendations
  • Web prototype

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Example 7: A Data Management Plan for Focus Groups with Genomic Medicine Stakeholders

University of Maryland School of Medicine

The Program for Personalized and Genomic Medicine creates personalized treatments for patients based on their unique genetic material. One interdisciplinary team specializes in designing and evaluating software for genomic medicine. Applying a user-centered approach, the team is working to design and develop a prototype of a new software program. The development and evaluation of the software will use data collected during a stakeholders focus groups.

Capstone Project Description

The project aims to develop a strategy to manage the data collected during the focus groups. The student is responsible for ensuring the data is organized and secure, the quality of the data is excellent and consistent, and the data is accessible to appropriate team members. This involves an evaluation of data storage and access, development of an appropriate naming convention, and documentation of the processes.

Skills Needed

  • Strong understanding of data structures
  • Knowledge of focus group procedures
  • Experience with qualitative analysis

Project Deliverable

  • Comprehensive guide for regulating the data’s life cycle
  • Documentation templates for all data types
  • Data management plan for the focus groups
  • Conduct training session for team

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Join us as a MIM Capstone Project Partner

Submit a project that will allow a student to work with your company during either the spring or fall semester

  • Project types can be in any one of the following categories:

    • Research: Student will conduct extensive research to provide a technical report or white paper

    • Analytical: Students will analyze information to offer a detail strategy

    • Technical: Students will develop usable tools

  • Project timing is about 30 hours in the fall semester and 140 hours in the spring semester:

    • Fall semester includes requirements gathering and project planning with clients

      • Interactions with company point of contact for 5-10 hours

    • Spring semester students average 10 hours each week for 14 weeks

      • Interactions with company point of contact for 1 hour each week

  • Students are overseen by a student project manager and faculty advisor to maximize the project outcome and enhance the students' learning experience 

A suggested gift of $1000 to the MIM program provides:

  • Expanded Project Support

    • Recruiting projects

    • Transportation to client sites

    • Software purchases

  • Enriched Project Expo

    • Professionally printed posters

    • Student business cards

    • Centralized campus location

  • MIM Student Association (MIMSA) Events

    • Networking events

    • Student project competitions

    • Relationship building activities

  • MIM Scholarship for students


If you are interested in being a client and working with a MIM student in the upcoming semester, contact us as

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